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Welcome, I’m happy to help you. My name is Berber Swart and since 2012 I have had my own lawyers office in the city center of Groningen. I have been a lawyer since 2006 and I am specialized in criminal law and immigration law. I love my work and enjoy finding solutions.

Free advice

It happens to the best. You can unexpectedly come into contact with criminal law. Difficult and it can turn your life upside down. It is understandable that you have questions. You can always contact me to discuss your questions. Together we can find the best solution for you.
Please call or email me for a free consultation.

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Lawyer specialised in Criminal law

As a lawyer I have many years of experience in criminal law. I assist clients at the police station when the are arrested or invited for an interrogation, or in court. I know all teh procedures and help you to find the best way for you. Because the consequences can be big, it is important to consider all options.


At the police station I can explain to you what is happening and what to expect. I can explain about the law, and often I can estimate the questions the police will ask. If necessary, I will stay with you during the interrogation.


If you have received a summons or invitation to a hearing at the courthouse or the public prosecutor’s office, I will request your file for you and we will make an appointment so that we can discuss the file and you know exactly what to expect.

Together with you (or if this is more convenient; I alone) we go to the hearing and we make every effort to ensure that your case is handled as well as possible, with the best possible result for you.


If you are not satisfied with the court’s decision, we will discuss the possibilities of appeal together. I’ll appeal for you if we decide to appeal. Also in this case, we will go to court together (now at the Court of Appeal) and explain your case again.


Of course, I cannot guarantee that we will always get the outcome we want. Sometimes the outcome of a lawsuit doesn’t feel fair, but I can promise you that I will always give 100%.

strafrecht advocaat vrouwe justitiaCosts

The first advice is always free. Even after that, the costs dont have to be a problem.

At you can find out if you qualify for funded legal aid, so that I can work pro bono for you.
On this website of the Legal Aid Board you can find how high your personal contribution will be. Your personal contribution depends on your income two years ago.

If you are not eligible for funded legal aid, we will discuss the fee you have to pay.


If you are acquitted or the criminal case will not be continued, and you have been detained, I can apply for compensation for you. Usually, if you have been wrongly detained, the court will decide that you are entitled to compensation.

Better safe than sorry

Sometimes you receive a letter from the Ministry of Justice, the police, the Public Prosecution Service or the CJIB and it is not immediately clear why you are receiving this letter and what to expect. To be on the safe side, call or email me so that we can check together what the consequences are for you.

Do not wait too long, in criminal law you often have only  two weeks to take action.

Not 18 years old yet?

Within criminal law there are special rules for minors. Any minor who has been arrested by the police or who has to go to juvenile court for a crime, has the right to a lawyer (for free).
Additional requirements are imposed on lawyers who represent minors. I meet all the requirements and I am also regarded as an expert in this area by the Legal Aid Board and the court.


Please contact me by e-mail ( or call me on 050-3110010. If you cannot reach me directly, please leave a message for me. As a lawyer I am of course not always in the office. Often I am in court, or maybe visiting someone in prison. I will then call you back as soon as possible.

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